Where does it begin?
"Sometimes it's when I look at the person before me and begin to sense their spirit…
Other times the idea comes in the form of a vision…an inspiration."

Earth Justice


Peaceful Warrior


Fire Goddess
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"When I'm sculpting, I feel the essence of woman as goddess and man as god. I am experiencing the sacred before me. I am at my best when allowing this channel of insight to come through me and into the work I'm creating. My attention is focused on the beauty of the form..I feel a deep love and respect for what I am doing. The act of creation becomes an act of devotion."

Many of the sculptures are offered in small editions. The figure is sculpted, then a mold is made, the model is taken out of the mold, and then the sculpture is cast. The sculptures can be cast in different media such as glass, paper, bronze, fiber, copper, stainless steel... Contact the artist for more information.

See the Information page for description of Casting Process and Editions.

Art to inspire...Touching the Divine Soul....A Spirit Gift

Blessing the Sacred Within