Casting Process
For many of my works, a mold is made from the original in order to make individual copies from diverse materials. First the sculpture is created using a soft material, such as clay or plastiline (this is called a model). When the model is finished, an assessment is made to determine the type of moldmaking process to use; depending on materials that it will be cast in. According to the complexity of the model(sculpture), a several piece flexible mold is made. The flexible mold captures all the details. Next a rigid material is applied to the flexible mold in order to hold all the flexible parts together. Now there is an outer and inner mold. The mold is opened and the original soft model is removed. The inner flexible mold is cleaned and ready for casting. Some materials to be cast are poured ie. cement, plaster, wax, resin. Other materials are placed in the mold by layering – paper, fiber etc. Usually a cast sculpture is solid. A layered sculpture can be solid or hollow. After the sculpture is set, it is removed from the mold and cleaned and finished with a protective coating and patina.

Casting Materials
Cold Cast Bronze - created with bronze powder and resin. The outer layer is roughly 90% bronze powder to 10% resin.
Gypsum Cement - a plaster & cement mixture.
Wax – paraffin & microcrystalline are used, sometimes with addition of fibers or papers.
Resin – polyurethane resins used mixed with mica or pigments.

Outdoor Use
Sculptures may be placed outdoors according to the material they are cast in. Ice and sun can affect the patina over time.

Mixed Media
Zora's special process – This 2D mixed media process was developed as a way to preserve an image on paper. Using watercolor and pigments, the paper is saturated with wax. The layers are heat bonded with excess wax removed. This creates an integrally pigmented surface akin to fresco or batik. The resulting paper is then water resistant.

What is an Edition?
Traditionally in sculpture, an edition implies a limited number of casts that are made from an original. After the specified number of pieces are cast, the mold is then destroyed. I follow this tradition of limiting the number of casts for my work.

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